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If I’d known how wonderful the ADHD brain is, and how to work with it, not against it, I could have saved myself (and my parents, teachers, partners, and work colleagues) a lot of frustration!

Insider Understanding, Respect, and Love for Your Bright ADHD Mind

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Yup, ADHD takes some getting used to. When I was in school, it seemed I could never pull what I needed out of my brain at the moment I needed it. I knew I was smart, but it had a weird way of showing up. It’s why I spent way too long on some projects, leaving no time at all for others. I worked really hard, I had great intentions. But I didn’t get the results I wanted, and I felt like I let everyone, including myself, down.

Don't ever wish you were different. Find what works, so your bright mind can shine.

we work together to build your personal toolbox of habits, hacks, self-awareness, and mindfulness, so you become the expert at predicting problems, applying your strengths, and hitting your goals.


“Since we started, I have accomplished tremendous things. This experience has been everything that I have actually needed for a really long time and didn’t even know it. You are so supportive with all of the decisions I make. The activities and goals that we create never feel like a chore to do, and you help keep me motivated and really looking forward to the future! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to work with you!”

— k.b.,age 21, client

I work with families, kids and professionals impacted by ADHD, who desperately want to play to their strengths and potential. Because I have all this personal experience growing up with ADHD, as a parent to kids with ADHD, and through training as a certified ADHD coach, I bring a real ‘inside’ understanding to my work. I’m able to appreciate our unique brain wiring, and all the frustrations and the benefits of learning, parenting, and thriving with ADHD. 

A true Canadian, I have lived in five provinces and one territory over the course of my lifetime. I grew up in idyllic Steveston a suburb of Richmond BC. I started my marketing career in Vancouver and ended up in Toronto working at the national level for famous restaurant brands. I moved with my husband to Moncton, NB where I worked for a marketing services agency. Then we settled back into Southern Ontario to raise our amazing kids. 

I feel joy when I’m spending time with my family, friends, our dogs & horses, practicing yoga, meditation and long walks with my husband.

Luan Aldcorn Attridge

things I'm into:

Launching my dream job after 50, Reiki, the Calm app, green tea, Netflix 

Injustice, high heels, traffic

certified ADHD Life Coach


Fierce Advocate For Anyone With ADHD, Entrepreneur, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ex- Restaurant Marketer 

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Empowering Bright Minds Impacted by ADHD