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Let Your Bright Mind Shine, working with ADHD.

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Work your Strengths. Tame your Struggles.


Diversity is good – in communities, in perspectives, and in minds. We all have different talents and skills; all are needed in this wild and wonderful world.

ADHD means your mind works a certain way. Some things feel natural: creativity, innovation, grace under pressure. Some things feel hard: getting started, time management, identifying priorities.

When we ignore how your mind works, we lose out on its brilliance. Instead, let’s give you your own custom set of tools, encourage the hope in your heart, and let your bright mind shine.

I know how ADHD can disrupt even the best intentions, even the closest relationships. The first thing I want you to know is, we need the way you think. ADHD minds have a lot to contribute! I grew up figuring out my own ADHD. I knew I was smart, but really struggled to get good grades. Now I’m a parent of kids with ADHD, and I see where the benefits that awareness and intervention have had. I’m building my coaching credentials to help the whole family understand ADHD. We all benefit from the gifts that ADHD brings, but first we need to tame the struggles. I’d love to help you get started.

I see beyond the ADHD

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& completed courses:

  • ADDCA- Fundamentals of ADHD In Families

  • Gretchen Wegner- The Anti-Boring Approach To Powerful Studying™ & The Art Of Inspiring Students To Study Strategically™

It’s possible to work with your ADHD, to ace the interview, get the promotion, and excel at work. From new employees to executive leaders, finding the tools that work with the way you think opens up opportunities for achievement.

Having difficulty  moving forward with your career?

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You’re smart but get side-tracked. You shine in some areas but are drowning in others. With new tools in your toolbox that play to your strengths and your ADHD, you can access your drive while you outwit distraction. De-stress, re-organize and figure out school with new healthy and practical habits.

Are your assignments often incomplete or handed in late?

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Kids with ADHD aren't lazy or defiant, and you haven't "created" this with your parenting choices! Why does your child draw for hours but can't sit still during meals? It all starts to make sense once you understand how ADHD gets in the way.

Experiencing homework struggles?

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strengths, talents & skills

goals & action steps

challenge negative beliefs

Build Confidence & Improve Relationships

healthy mind

healthy body

excerise & meditation

nutrition & supplements

screen time

Sleep Habits

Executive Functioning Skills

i believe in a holistic appraoch to coaching:

Time-blindness & Procrastination

Task Initiation & Completion

organization & Productivity 

Hyperactivity & Inattention

Being diagnosed with ADHD can be overwhelming and raise as many questions as it answers. Coaching provides a future-focused, practical approach to removing roadblocks and reaching milestones by providing new tools and habits, lots of encouragement, and compassion.

Complex minds make amazing contributions when we understand, adapt for and celebrate them. 

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Understanding, respecting, working with and celebrating ADHD.

Thoughts and Ways to Let Your Bright Mind Shine

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